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To beat as one

Beta: No, any and all mistakes are my own.
Genre: Your guess is as good as mine / Could be canon?
Warnings: Introspection, References to past violence, References to Past Child Abuse (non-sexual), Hurt/Comfort, PTSD, Aftermath of Violence
Series: For all the times

Summary (of sorts):
Justin: You should have at least call to see if I was still alive.
Brian: I’m sure I would have heard if you weren’t. Besides I’m not you occupational therapist, I’m not your trauma specialist, I’m not even your god damn mother sitting there holding your hand, there was nothing I could have done for you.
Justin: This is just stuff that other people have told me, it's like a story that happened to somebody else.
Brian: Yeah well I can remember, I can remember everything.

Though never intending to let his inner most thoughts caress the pages of the pricey journal given to him, Brian allows himself to be vulnerable and totally honest with himself for short moments in time, if only so in his own mind.

Set during season 2, episode 1 & 2

This is part three in a series, you don't have to have read previous part to understand this, but it doesn't hurt.
Previous parts (and this) can be found at AO3:
1 - For all the times you're not thinking of me | 2 - The waves of your heart | 3 - To beat as one

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A ficlet-y B/J blurb

Summary / The how and why: I was going through a box of misc papers that’s been under my desk for far longer than I care to admit, just waiting to be sorted. I found an old note book that had, aside from songs scribbled all over the place, a part of an initial scribble/draft/whatever of a BJ thing. It's a blurb, a ficlet. That's all it is, but it just seemed a shame to just toss it, so I typed it up on my computer.
At this time galeandrandy was all sick, and well, not misserable, but she could use a laugh, so I sent it over... Well, she mentioned that I should post it, so why not.
Maybe, just maybe, it'll make you smile for a while.

Author / Blurber: Me a.k.a momentsgoneby

Warning(-s): It's sooo not betaed and I'm not really a writer.

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TQL Upgrade + Wanted

2½ years ago a group of friends decided to work together on a site called TrueQueerLove.
gerri71 already had a forum with that name, but we decided to find a new forum solution and add an archive, so I set up the site TrueQueerLove for us to run together.
So much out of our hands happened to the different members of the group and due to this I was left running TQL basically on my own to then finally, at the end of June this year, take over the ownership of TQL as well. I hope to keep TQL a place worth visiting for both members and guests and to do this it's become time for a major upgrade of TQL. The upgrade will not change the look or feel, but will bring better usability, security and some new features. As this is such a massive upgrade, I’ve decided to close the site while working on it and this means that TQL will be closed from Wednesday October 10th to its reopening on Friday November 2nd.

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I’m curious what You as a reader/writer/vidder/graphic artist/lurker would love to see at TQL and or in the fandom.
Please let me know your thoughts, wishes and ideas by
- emailing me at info[at]
- PM me here at livejournal
- Leave a comment to this post
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gerri71's yahoo account has been hacked


Hi everyone!
I got an email today from "Gerri" asking for money as she and her family is in Spain and have gotten mugged.
It came from her yahoo account and I can guarantee you all that it's a FAKE.

So if you know Gerri/gerri71 personally and know you are on her contactlist and get an e-mail like it. Ignore it.

I sent an email to Gerri on multiple adresses and instantly got a message back from her yahoo account saying that it's not a spam or hack. It sooooo is! Whomever has hacked the account is in other words actively on trying to fool Gerri's contacts.

Gerri is aware of the situation as I've contacted her via SMS as well and she'll deal with it, but wanted me to warn you all and let you know that she is NOT in Spain and that the email isn't from her.


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Advent Calendar

Image of advent calendar

While many of the TQL members have been busy writing, reading and creating graphics and videos (and still are) for the competitions; we the TQL admins have been busy creating an advent calendar for everyone to enjoy. There’s something QaF themed behind each door; puzzles, cross-words, graphics and stories amongst much more. So come join us counting down the days to Christmas with something new every day to enjoy.

You need to be a member to view the content behind the doors, but membership is simple and free.

We hope you will enjoy the calendar and welcome all comments in the TQL forum. You can also comment here.

Click here to go straight to the calendar

TQL - 1 year anniversary

The new TQL community is celebrating its one year anniversary today and the other admins and I would like to thank you for this year and hope that you will join us for many years to come.

To celebrate the day properly we today announce the start of four challenges/competitions.
There's something for everyone, so please, come join the fun.

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With the Review Hunt 2011 starting today, THIS is a perfect opportunity for authors to come join the family and start posting their stories at TQL as the reviewers score more points for reviewing stories with little to no reviews at all.
Please note that we validate all new submissions.

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Grand Opening!

In less than 12 hours a new, revamped TQL opens and you are all invited.

TrueQueerLove - One Family, One Love - A Queer as Folk Community

If you wish to help spread the word, simply copy and paste the code below to your LJ.
(If you have a large friendslist - concider placing the image under a cut.)